Posted by: Jack | March 28, 2008

Spring…With Flashbacks of Winter

While out photographing my new bike yesterday, I took some time to capture a few shots of the many flowering things in the neighborhood. For the last month or so, it has felt like Spring…mostly. In the last few days weather has been fluctuating almost hourly among warm and sunny, rainy and windy, cold and rainy, sunny and hailing, etc.

I didn’t take the time to upload most of the photos yet but two inparticular presented an interesting idea. Each photo was of the same scene but with the focus at different distances. I mirrored one image and placed it next to the other. The result strikes me as something that would be used as a lame concept for some freshman art student’s final project. Be sure to look at the full size image because this small version doesn’t really show the varying focus points well.


  1. Hey, Jack. I found your blog in a very strange way. If you insist, I’ll tell you how it happened, but it’s a long story so be sure you want to know.

    I’ve bookmarked it as it’s very funny and entertaining. Thanks for the look into your life.


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