Posted by: Jack | April 13, 2008

Unicycle Polo

After a few games of unicycle hockey a couple years ago, in which I was definitely the LVP, I wasn’t too sure I would be fond of polo. And indeed, things didn’t begin well as the game literally started with my shin blocking a high speed shot of the rock-hard ball. Moments later I had a throbbing ‘goose-egg’ about the size of…well, a goose egg.

But the game continued and I quickly found myself having a blast. As one can imagine, polo on a unicycle is not particularly easy (though it’s got to be easier than polo on a horse) but the average skill level was high enough that there was a legitimate sense of sport rather than a bunch of guys riding around trying to hit a ball.

I’m hooked. If you want to watch or play, come to Alberta Park any Thursday at 6:30 pm. Shin-guards recommended if you’re going to play.


  1. Unicycle polo sounds great. I have been riding for 23 years, and have never tried that.

    Is it in the USA? Would love to try!

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