Posted by: Jack | April 14, 2008

I Am Legend (Movie)

After watching this movie I had to check IMDb to make sure the film wasn’t written or directed by M. Night Shyamalan or actually entitled Signs. On top of all it’s other faults, the movie had the exact same ending as Signs — and it was a stupid ending in both. Each closes by plugging in a promotion of faith in the Christian god but does so through extremely fictional circumstances and an in-your-face-proof of God’s existence. Faith is not faith if your god proves it’s existence to you.

Note to screen writer’s: Incredibly unbelievable coincidence is intriguing in real life. This does not carry over to fiction where coincidence is transparent. If in the end of the story, past events which seemed meaningless suddenly present their relevance, no one is going to be blown away. In fiction, coincidence in the plot is merely continuity in the writing, something every story should have.

One more thing: Why do the infected people have super human abilities?

I heard so many good reviews of this film. I give it a 5/10 for entertainment value and a 3/10 for general quality as a movie.



  1. Jack,

    This movie rocked. You just need to dumb yourself down a bit and find the ‘beauty’ in the film. Did you not see the part where Will Smith was doing pull ups? That was worth $8.50 alone. I haven’t seen Signs, but I assume it’s the basic apocalyptic movie, a la 28 Days Later, The Stand, The Day After, etc. and who doesn’t appreciate a good apocalypse? You have to admit the performance by the lead supporting actor (the dog) was excellent. Some semblance of plot continuity, decent CGI or remarkable ending would only have distracted from Will’s acting and, er, physique. I’d say the producers hit their mark squarely on the head. 9/10.

  2. agree with jack but not to that extreme (any chance you can insert this statement into a response from me for all your blog entries?)

    first half 7/10
    second half 4/10
    wills physique 8.50 pesos

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