Posted by: Jack | April 21, 2008

Memory Lapse and Relapse

Nearly two and a half years ago, long before I moved to Portland, I was in Hood River, OR for my sister’s wedding. During my time there a portion of my family, myself included, did a short tour of some vineyards along the route known as the Fruit Loop. A short ways into the trip, someone in the car pointed out a few mountain unicyclists they had spotted riding alongside the road. For those who are relatively uninformed, unicycling is a favorite past time of mine so it was with no small amount of interest that I watched as the rider’s darted off the road and onto a trail.

Time went on, people got married, I moved to Portland and was inducted into a local group known as the Unicycle Bastards. More time passed without pertinence. But then just last night, in a boredom-initiated bout of web-surfing, a series of cascading realizations was initiated and eventually led to the certain determination that the riders spotted outside of Hood River years ago, were indeed the very same Bastards I now ride with every week.

I would close with the entirely predictable “Small world.” but rational consideration (my favorite kind of consideration) reveals that Earth is really quite large. A similarly incomplete sentence such as “Atypical interest.” seems more appropriate.


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