Posted by: Jack | April 22, 2008

I Could Be the Start of Something

A little over a month ago I filed a complaint regarding a police officer who had parked diagonally across two parking spots which are reserved for disabled persons, blocking the spaces as well as a wheel chair ramp. I’ve since spoken with a couple other employees of the police deptartment regarding the issue and have learned that it is both legal and standard procedure to park in whichever space which will provide the quickest departure in the event of an emergency. Seems reasonable.

Today I came across an article stating that the police department is coming under fire for this very issue. It seems that many people are angered by on-duty police officers parking illegally when they’re just stopping in a restaurant to grab a bite to eat (the incident I witnessed also happened to take place at a restaurant but the officer was not there to eat).

But I have to say that I am with the PD on this one. They should park in whatever location will best allow them to do their jobs. What they should not do is abuse this right by parking across two spaces just because they can’t get a ticket.


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