Posted by: Jack | May 3, 2008

Silver Falls State Park

Last weekend Anna and I, joined by a past co-worker of Anna’s, ventured South to Silver Falls State Park, Oregon’s largest state park. The area had come highly recommended by many and did not disappoint. Traveling along the ~8 mile loop named Trail of Ten Falls, we encountered what I’m pretty sure was more than ten thunderous and towering waterfalls, many of which occupy enormous amphitheaters allowing the trail to pass behind the plummeting torrents.

The size of the above falls is hard to grasp without reference. See Anna below:

Neat plant that looked a lot like celery:

If you enjoy waterfalls — even if it’s only due to the ionized-air induced euphoria — this trail is a must-hike.


  1. Awesome. The gif file is a nice addition too. I have to visit Oregon, I must. I would like to know a lil bit more on hows and wheres of falls like this one.


  2. Wow! Your special motion effect is spectacular! Do you recall seeing these beautiful falls before? It was on June 29, 2001, the day after we had toured four gardens in Portland and you had asked if we could see some sites other than gardens during our trip to Oregon. Would love to see them again with you, and all the gardens, too!

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