Posted by: Jack | May 10, 2008

Bike Upgrade #1 – Drop Handlebars

Took our first trip to the Good Will sorting facility (a.k.a. Good Will Bins) today. Prior to any expense going into sorting, pricing or shipping items to other locations, everything is offered up at this warehouse. Aside from some heavier things like furniture, items sell by the pound and the more you buy, the lower the rate.

It’s really like a giant garage sale in that nearly everything is junk. However, among the tens of thousands of items, there is definitely something for everyone. For approximately $5 I rode away with a great zip-up, moisture-wicking shirt, a ridiculous sweater-vest (standard Unicycle Bastard uniform), about $40 worth of unopened seasonings and this:

My single-speed currently features bullhorn handlebars and as we were riding to Good Will I was telling Anna how much I wanted drop handlebars. Along with the bars came a couple of brake levers and some end caps. All I need now is some sweet tape.



  1. Looks like fun. One can find the most amazing things among junk.

    This theory developed from a recent mission tidying my daughter’s bedroom…

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