Posted by: Jack | May 15, 2008

Feeling Entrepreneurial?

Want to make some money? I suggest developing a product — be it a pill, topical cream, suppository, radiation therapy, whatever — that permanently reduces perspiration for the whole body. I’d buy it.

It is said that sweat is necessary to cool the body. That may be true…to an extent. But I’m pretty sure when I’m out unicycling, the excessive sweat which drips out from under my helmet and pools in my eyes is not aiding me in anyway. Likewise, I’m sick of putting shoes on the day after a ride only to feel like they were submerged in one of the many fountains downtown…though admittedly this is exactly what happened on multiple occasions.

It’s going to be 86º this evening when we’re playing Uni-Polo and 94º tomorrow. If I die of dehydration while unicycling, don’t mourn my death too much. But do avenge me by developing the all-over-antiperspirant described above.


  1. Sign me up for that as well. Sweat in the eyes is the worst. As long as you’re moving, the sweat seems to do its job, evaporating, keeping you cool, as long as its not super humid out. But the second you stop to catch your breath, it’s like someone dumped a bucket of salt water on your head. No thanks.

    It’s kind of hard to look “cool” when you’re unicycling. It’s even harder when you’re red-faced and dripping with sweat after riding 5 miles.

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