Posted by: Jack | May 18, 2008

Bike Upgrade #1 – Stage 2 – Brake Levers

Rode over to City Bikes Saturday morning in search of the used set of brake levers shown above. Arrived a few minutes before they were to open and after standing around outside for a bit, decided to spend the time riding around a few blocks. And it’s a good thing I did. Returning less than five minutes later I rolled up to see two cars up on the sidewalk, having smashed into each other before crashing into the bike shop. The more-damaged vehicle came to rest exactly where I had been standing.

Other bikers had arrived as I was passing the time and a couple guys dodged a pummeling from a damaged street sign by only a few inches. Although one driver appeared to be in shock, no one was physically hurt (as far as I know). Most of the carnage was limited to one of the cars and an innocent, by-standing, parked bicycle.

Despite the unexpected happenings, the store opened for business as usual and I was able to buy the part I needed for a reasonable $3, putting the total expense of this project up to $4.



  1. Crumbs, Jack. Talk about a close call. Glad you’re still around. (c:

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