Posted by: Jack | June 8, 2008

That’s More Like It

Just a couple days ago I was complaining about the dreary weather around here. Then today it’s plenty warm and as sunny as it gets. The mountains were out and with the Rose Festival still going strong, it seemed everyone in town was too.

In other good times, though the weather was not yet great yesterday, Anna and I enjoyed a 30+ mile ride to the northern-most point of Portland (East of the Williamette), Kelley Point Park. As Anna gets comfortable on her new road bike (a very generous gift from her parents), I find myself considering a higher gear-ratio on my single speed (I can’t let a girl beat me in the flats). Speaking of which, after Anna suffered through three flats in two days, we both invested in some under-the-saddle bags and patch kits. Well worth the $8.

Also in biking-all-the-time news, we made a sweet score off of craigslist today for $25 (center stage in the photo below):

Now you’re probably thinking, Jack…you don’t have any kids. That may be true now, but come January of next year…no, I’m kidding. I’ve got at least a couple more decades to go before I consider that whole ordeal. We bought the bike trailer as one step closer to never having to drive within the city. Although it looks kinda dorky to tote this thing around, it tracks wonderfully, is lightweight and has a rain cover. The minute we got it home, we hooked it up and took off for the grocery store. As we were loading up our reusable grocery bags in preparation for the ride home, we both commented on the relief and relaxation we’ve been bringing upon ourselves through such lifestyle changes. Yeah we’re doing lots of things that are good for the economy, the environment and our own physical well-being, but I think that for both of us, it’s more about doing away with excess which has been proving to be not only unnecessary, but counter-productive; trimming away the fat both figuratively and literally.

Backtracking a bit… As we were driving back into town after picking up the trailer, we noted how long it had been since we’d spent so much time in a car (a total of about 50 minutes). This got me thinking about how ridiculous my car insurance premiums are. I had previously checked with Geico only to find that I was already in their lowest annual mileage bracket and so despite the fact that I’ll likely put way less than 5,000 miles on my car this year, I’m paying nearly $4/day while my car usually just sits in front of our house. So this train led to the theorizing of a pay-per-mile insurance coverage. Well, it turns out I’m not the first to have this idea (surprise!) and there are a number of organizations trying to get such systems in place. Many of these groups cleverly and appropriately refer to current insurance plans as all-you-can-eat; where you’ve already paid as much as you’re going to pay so you might as well get the highest mile/$ or else you’re getting ripped off. A pay-per-mile plan would reward those who drive less, thus providing incentive to spend less on gas and cars, which in turn would keep more money in local economies. This is what I would refer to as an “everybody wins” situation. Hard to argue against those.

Well enough for now. It was a great weekend and as society overcomes one retarding factor after another, progress keeps accelerating. The future is looking better and better.

Almost forgot!… We’re going to Colorado on Wednesday!


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