Posted by: Jack | June 20, 2008

UniPolo on

Last night’s iteration of our weekly gathering for Unicycle Polo at Alberta Park drew riders and spectators like never before due to it’s being promoted as part of the ongoing Pedalpalooza here in Portland. In spite of a wider range of abilities, the competition was as fierce as ever (which really isn’t very fierce at all). showed up to film a bit of the action and managed to capture an excellent play by myself and one Bok Choi (look for it fifteen seconds into the clip, I’m in the brown pants, silver shirt and blue vest).

Making use of our newly acquired bike trailer, last night also marked my first bike-commute to UniPolo which takes place a bit over five miles from home, and all of it uphill…but not very steep. Though the loaded trailer is a noticeable burden, the ride took precisely 30 minutes; approximately the same time it previously took to drive. Returning home was a relative breeze.

Even more exciting unicycling news coming soon…



  1. Lookin’ good, Jackson!

  2. Great feed on that play! Play of the game!

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