Posted by: Jack | June 22, 2008

What a Night!

Remnants of a night on the town with the Unicycle Bastards:

  • Massive, gushing head wound
  • Shredded, blood soaked clothes
  • Blood on my unicycle
  • Hand stamp from a strip club

Couldn’t be happier.

Details to come…

Edit: Details:

Feeling lazy so rather than elaborate with insufficient words, I’m just going to redirect you to an excellent set of photos taken by Garrett Downen. Click image below:

Can’t wait ’til next year’s rampage!

Edit #2: Another great set of photos by Jay Lawrence at Polara Studios(click image for gallery):



  1. Good to know both my brothers were at strip clubs this weekend. Egads.

  2. Damn! That was a fun ride. Maybe we should do it monthly?

  3. A quick call to Jack after seeing this entry saved me from cardiac arrest!

    Still recovering,

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