Posted by: Jack | June 30, 2008

Avenue Q

Cashing in a generous gift certificate from The Parents last night, Anna and I attended the final showing of Broadway Across America’s production of Avenue Q, an adult-oriented musical comedy featuring a mix up of live actors and puppets.

It took awhile to get used to a puppeteer standing in plain sight right along side his puppet but after awhile it only added to the impressiveness of the performance, as each character’s movements and expressions were manifested by both the puppeteer and his puppet.

The story was relevant (especially for many demographics which I fit into) and well-told, the writing was clever (save for a totally out of place pop-culture reference to George Bush which unfortunately got the loudest applause of the night; don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan either…but there is a time and a place and this was not it), and it was fun to see puppets in a whole new light.

If this show comes to your town, get yourself a ticket. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Sidenote: When the show ended, the performers all hit the stage to accept their applause. After plenty of praise, they casually walked off stage…but without even a pause (I could see them stage-left) they all turned around and ran back out, encouraging/requiring yet more applause. As one can imagine, the now-tradition of this return-to-stage move has it origins in shows where the audience was so pleased that they refused to stop cheering. With such flattery, the performers would likely feel abliged to return to the stage to accept such high praise.

But now, the purpose has been lost and the cause-effect relationship reversed. It just comes across as silly and obligatory, much like encores at concerts. If you’re the kind of person who acts surprised when the band comes out for one last song, shame on you.


  1. Too funny — Jeff, Molly & Schroeds and I are going to see Ave. Q this October (hopefully, tickets haven’t gone on sale yet) with the same said Christmas gifts from Mom and Dad. Glad you liked it!

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