Posted by: Jack | June 30, 2008

Leading the Next Wave

Upon moving to Portland, I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into one of the few exclusive unicycling troops in the country, and perhaps the world. But if there is one truth about Portland (there are actually many), it is that trends catch and spread like cheap grape jelly: in uneven clumps that tear the soft bread of mainstream society.

And as such, it would seem that unicycling may be the next ridiculousness to obtain a cult following. As part of PedalPalooza, we Bastards hosted an instructional Unicycling for Noobs event with an amazing turn out.

Though a fair number of people struggled (as is to be expected with a first attempt at unicycling) a select few picked it up like sticks and got the unicycling itch. Since then, those few have acquired their own unis and begun attending our weekly polo matches. And despite polo’s demand for a technical ability far above that required to ride along mere sidewalks, these newbies are already holding their own.

Semi-related photo inclusion: As the sun was setting on our instructional event and I was attempting to capture the fountain seen below, some bicyclist rode right through my shot, vastly improving it.


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