Posted by: Jack | July 6, 2008

Holiday Weekend: Highs and a Low

Inspired by sister-in-law, Molly:


  • At work I spent the last two weeks developing a whole new user interface for a client’s public website. On Thursday I find out that it was demo-ed to the client before I had a chance to perform any testing or other such QA. Despite that, the new site performed excellently and was well received. I’m a successful web-developer!
  • Thursday night I packed up the bike trailer with lots of toys (unicycle, slackline, juggling gear) and my portable speaker — riding with headphones is fairly unappealing and I think it’s illegal, but riding with a sound system in the open air is great — and hauled everything up to NE, arriving well before the start of this week’s uni-polo game in order to do some juggling and slackling.
    • After not doing it for a good 8-9 months, slacklining was great and I was still pretty on top of my game; landing jumps, juggling on the line and sticking the highly gratuitous back-flip dismount.
    • I’ve also been a bit lax on my juggling practice lately but despite that, I was nailing continuous back-cross flashes (3 clubs)…something I had never done prior to this week.
    • Our number of regular attendees at polo has doubled in the past month and as the average skill level increases, so does the fun.
  • Friday evening Anna and I rode down to Tigard — a stretch covering what has to be the hilliest 13 miles in the greater Portland area — to attend a 4th of July barbecue hosted by one of Anna’s classmates. The food, company and entertainment were all tremendous (I won the game of croquet and am attributing it to the weekly polo games). The city’s fireworks show was sad at best, but fireworks don’t really do it for me anymore so expectations were low. The night came to a thrilling end as an alternate route home had us climbing for 4-5 miles and descending for the remaining 8 — including a number of hills where gravity alone had us exceeding 40 mph speed limits.
  • Saturday morning I woke up in need of a project. Five hours later I had converted our garage from a crowded and jumbled mess into a meticulously cleaned, organized and relatively vacant space. I didn’t buy anything or throw anything away but we now have a bike-workbench, an excess of bike/unicycle parking and perhaps room for a car if we ever wanted to put one in there. I don’t know why cleaning the garage is such a dreaded task for many. I enjoyed every minute and found it to be incredibly satisfying.
  • Due to the rampant unicycle-enthusiasm sweeping the area, we had a huge turnout for a mountain ride up in Scappoose last night. Despite highly technical terrain and very little light, all of the first-timers did great and each had at least one moment where they rode some stretch of terrain that they never would have thought possible. The resulting massive grins were sure signs of new-found addiction.



Yesterday afternoon, seven neighbors witnessed a man pull an unsuccessful u-turn right outside our house, scuffing the corner of my car’s bumper with his. One neighbor spoke with the driver who said he would park his car while the neighbor came over to inform me. The driver then just took off. Given the very minor damage, I wasn’t too concerned, especially when I found out that the witnesses had all made sure to take down the license plate number. The Portland police quickly put a damper on things by informing me that the plates did not match the described vehicle. With complete disinterest, I was told that the plates were likely stolen (which apparently isn’t a crime worth pursuing either) and that the police would not be doing anything. After some encouragement on my part, the officer did agree to add the plates to a watch-list. Apparently that isn’t standard protocol. Perhaps I should take up auto-theft as a career.

So if you live in the area and you spot a mid-90’s teal minivan with license plate 508-BMW, give me a call.

With last night having been the first time I’ve driven since we purchased a bike trailer one month ago, I really should get around to selling the car.



  1. —or keeping it in that nice, clean garage. The culprit better watch out. I now have another mission when we visit – next week.


    ps No surprise that you’re a successful web developer!

  2. Must MUni.

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