Posted by: Jack | July 23, 2008

One in a Million

Just over two milion people reside in the greater-metropolitan area of Portland, OR. Of those, there are only two individuals who have taken up the sport of trials unicycling, myself included. How is that possible?

It is fairly motivating knowing that in a city this big, I am the very best there is when it comes to trials. But, I value a great ride far more than any sense of pride my skills might provide. And while good riding can be achieved solo, great rides require companions as a source of perspective and challenge.

So if you ever come across a unicyclist riding trials, tell them to move to Portland.



  1. Every time I read your blog entries about unicycling I want to try it myself! It’s on the want list, just way near the bottom )c:

    I’ll get there. Eventually.

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