Posted by: Jack | August 1, 2008

Terminator Salvation

The movie Batman (Michael Keaton, not Adam West) was excellent. It set the bar for what would become a series of films spanning nearly two decades now. Unfortunately the three films that followed (Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin) were produced by people who thought comic-based films were for young children and should be wrought with cheap comedy, thus bringing shame to the once-great character.

Thankfully, Christopher Nolan brought redemption with Christian Bale in Batman Begins. If you don’t think Bale is great, watch American Psycho, Equilibrium, The Machinist, Rescue Dawn and The Prestige. And although I’ve not yet seen it, it sounds like Dark Knight lives up to and surpasses this newly raised bar.

If you’re a movie-buff you’ve probably already drawn the paralells. The original Terminator was an amazing film in which a killing machine went about trying to kill lots of people without any character or emotion (as any killing machine should). When I was eight years old, Judgement Day was released and due to it’s cutting-edge special effects, was about the coolest thing I had seen on the big screen. Having watched the movie again many years later I was disappointed to see that the terminator had taken on pointless qualities such as how to care and feel. Still, the movie was a pretty worthy iteration. Then comes Rise of the Machines. First of all, the new she-terminator is hot…which is stupid. Second, she wastes her time cleverly sneaking around and enlarging her breasts when she is a nearly-invincible weapon of mass destruction. Returning as the hero, Schwarzeneggar has not only softened in appearance but also has taken on further emotions and a terribly out-of-character tendency towards one-liners. The tragedy that is this movie (not the story but the actual movie) is brought to a fitting close when it’s pointed out that the people from the future already know that the past cannot be changed…and yet they still decide to keep sending people/things back to change the past.

Anyway…from the very brief teaser trailer, it looks as if Christian Bale may again serve as the face of salvation. Unfortunately we’ve got to wait almost a whole year.


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