Posted by: Jack | August 2, 2008

REI Used Gear Sale!

We woke early this Saturday morning to ride down to this event in hopes of scoring some discounted gear. Rumors told of items going for as little as 10% of original cost. As such, we weren’t too surprised that when we arrived an hour prior to the doors opening, we found the end of the line to be just a few feet from the entrance…having wrapped all the way around the city block. It would seem that at least 100 people had camped out for the evening in order to get first pick. And as our third hour of waiting in line came and went, we decided that next time we’ll be camping too.

Our turn finally came and we were directed into the store’s storage rooms where we found a frenzy of shoppers, shoulder to shoulder, digging through racks and bins. Plenty of the remaining gear was hardly worthy of even the nearly-free prices (i.e. sleeping pads for $3…the returned-item tag stating: “numerous unpatchable leaks”). But searching further it turned out that there were still more than enough deals to be had…espcially in the footwear room. All in all we made out like bandits…without breaking any laws of course. I can only imagine what amazing items were available to those who camped out.

A brief rundown of the fruits of our shopping spree:

ItemOriginal PricePrice We Paid“Reason customer returned item” OR other reason for discount

  1. Bike Intertube – $4 – $1- No box
  2. One Bike Glove – $14/pair – $2 – Missing other glove
  3. One Bike Glove – $14/pair – $2 – Missing other glove!!
  4. Ortlied Panier Bags – $160/pair – $30 – One bag is ripped
  5. Hand Held Tire Pump – $29 – $10 – “Used once, took too long to pump up tire”
  6. All Weather Bike Gloves – $45 – $18 – “Did not fit”
  7. Cycing Shorts – $25 – $10 – “Too big”
  8. Hiking Shoes – $80 – $8 – Ripped shoelace
  9. Bike Shoes – $80 – $20 – “Could not get to work for feet”
  10. Hiking Shoes – $75 – $6 – “Did not fit my feet”

All in all: $512 worth of gear for $107. And best of all, everything is something we were in the market for.

The REI just SE of town is having their sale tomorrow. May just have to bust out the tent.

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