Posted by: Jack | September 22, 2008

Come Visit Me

stay·ca·tion -noun

  1. A trendy and lame euphemism for being lazy and overly frugal in the act of vacationing.
  2. A prime example of the continued bastardization of the English language.
  3. A super fun event when joined by friends from out of town.

This past week, friends Steve and Kristen spent two+ days in Portland in the midst of an out-n-back cross-country road trip. As a result of their visit, numerous novel experiences were enjoyed:

  • Organizing a Portland-By-Bike tour
  • Spectating at the infamous Burnside Skatepark
  • Consuming at Voodoo Doughnuts
  • Truly enjoying the Rose Garden which is apparently at peak season right now
  • Viewing the unbelievable human & swift gatherings at Chapman High School
  • Hiking the spectacular Siouxson Creek Trail

So if you haven’t been to Portland in a while, or just feel the need to hang out with me, you should come give me more good reasons to take days off of work.

Click the image below to see some photos from Steve and Kristen’s time here.



  1. Portland looks like such a stunningly beautiful place. Friends of ours from South Africa came over this last week and we got to see them a few times, give them a guided tour of the area. It’s fun to show someone else stuff you love.

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