Posted by: Jack | September 22, 2008

Kaiser Permanente = Evil

Reluctantly signed up for a catastrophic plan with Kaiser Permanente about three months ago. I say reluctantly because despite an increase in deductible, the premium was approximately 25% higher than what I was paying while living in Olympia.

Today I find out that I should have been (but was not) previously notified that the plan I was on is being discontinued and I was automatically moved to a different plan. Along with this my premium will be increasing by 35%! Are you kidding me!?

Apparently they no longer offer any plans without a prescription package, which I didn’t have/want/need. Furthermore, if I “simply take on a higher deductible” of $7500 (almost double the previous) my premium will only go up by about 15%.

I am a fit, young adult with no health problems who doesn’t smoke, rarely drinks, rarely drives and who exercises more than probably 95% of the population. Catastrophic health insurance should not cost me $100+/month!

Oh! And their website is horrendous. It lacks every service that it should have; most notably the ability to pay bills online. I alone, developed an online bill pay system at work in a couple weeks at which time I had six months of experience in web development. 

This is so absurd.



  1. Hi Jack, Just catching up on your blog a little. We have major medical insurance through for Anil. $65/month w/ $7500 deductible. Might want to look into it. Love, Jen

  2. […] any coverage here. I picked up Kaiser Permanente for a short time but it turned out they were evil. Their evilness even managed to get worse before I was able to cancel which could only be […]

  3. they’ve screwed me over too. Kaiser really does equal evil. Their whole system is criminal.

    Best of luck!


  4. Only $100+ per month? Hell, $300 a month would be a bargain these days. Most people would kill for such a low premium let alone even have health insurance.
    What a crybaby!

  5. Wow. Where do you people live? I have Anthem Blue Cross and even with a pre-existing condition and great coverage for $175/mo for both me and my wife. This includes a $7mil cap and they cover 70% of medical expenses until I reach my annual deductible of $6000. I suggest looking around for another option. Stay away from Kaiser at all costs. Think about it this way: when you have Kaiser, they will do everything in their power to force you to be at their hospitals. When a Kaiser patient got admitted to my hospital, Kaiser has their own doctors that determine if the patient can move to a Kaiser facility. What’s scary about Kaiser owning both hospitals and the insurance is the providers are working for the insurance company, not just a hospital or a medical group. When the providers do this, they are influenced by the insurance company who wants to pay out as little as possible. When you have an independent insurance company, the doctors don’t work for them and are more likely to make decisions based on the best interest of the patient, not the insurance company. Please, whatever you do, stay away from Kaiser…I’ve seen firsthand what they can do to the families that come into the hospital I used to work for. Sorry to make it so long but I worry about anyone who considers Kaiser for insurance because it’s your life that you’re putting into their hands.

  6. AGREE!! I work for Kaiser and see the outcomes of their “experimental” surgeries, per se. Amateur hour at best and then just throw the member under the bus and go on – and be sure to
    minimize any further services since the member would cost them too much. It’s just horrible – a real nightmare. I don’t have Kaiser insurance – a death sentence. Stay away. Their motto is to do as little as possible and be rude taboot. Since, in this Socialist health-care system, you can’t go anywhere else – esp. after having an illness/pre-existing condition in many cases. Terrible. This is why capitalism works in health care – don’t trust people to care about your best interest in your health care.

  7. Kaiser Permanente screwed me over.. I feel like I got raped in the ass by this health insurance company. I lost my job and was told I had one more month of coverage. Due to there busy schedules, my appointment got pushed to the month after that. I went in thinking I was still ok. They didn’t even deny my coverage, so I thought I was in the clear.. 3 months later.. I got stuck with a huge bill.

  8. Kaiser = murders
    My wife has been complaining for years of pain with severe symptoms only increasing and getting worse, doesn’t feel like eating any more started fainting and hard breathing. two months ago she saw her regular doctor and her OB. they both said you fine, nothing wrong. My wife took a our kids to visit family in Jordan international. God is so merciful and Amazing in different ways. So my wife fainted at the airport in Jordan. taken to hospital. Doctor immediately told her you have a large kidney stones at least 15. they scheduled her surgery and took out 30 stones including her gallbladder. After seeing doctors at Kaiser for 50 times minimum including ER visits. They didn’t want to diagnose or treat. Spoke to many people found out that Kaiser only look for one thing while examining, they may find many other issues, but they don’t notify patients. You are good, just take supplements. Tis issue caused so much pain and suffering in our family, so many side effect to my wife and health problems that cannot be ignored. They are basically a licensed murder facility. Just watch people die. My wife is only 32 years we have two children. Same thing happened with our 10 year old daughter 5 years ago. cannot or would not diagnose pain, after seeing 4 doctors in 4 weeks, last one send us to emergency surgery immediately, appendix burst. spend 30 days in hospital. If anyone knows where and how to file a complaint be great help.
    God Bless

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