Posted by: Jack | October 14, 2008

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! (and a couple Saturdays)

CrossCrusade is in full force and is the place to be each weekend for the next month. Due to post-Portland-Marathon fatigue, I only had the pleasure of spectating at the first race at Alpenrose Dairy. But, one week later I arrived at race #2 ready to dominate.

And that’s pretty much what I did. Much of the course was brutally technical; far more so than I had anticipated. As is apparently my standard modus operandi, I went out hard from the very start. After only a couple minutes I found myself gasping for air. But with 1000+ cyclists cheering me on all the way through, breathing (or not breathing) is of little consequence. In what was probably less than ten minutes, I rolled across the finish, taking the gold for the Unicycle category, and turned to see who was chasing me in for 2nd and 3rd places. And I waited. Then I waited a little longer.

Maybe 90 seconds after my finish, MJ and Monty came rolling around the final bend for a photo finish as MJ — leading around the bend — was unaware of Monty’s proximity and had decided to relax for the home stretch. In a length of about 50 meters, Monty managed to consume the ~15 meter gap, snatching the silver by less than a pedal stroke. Celebration, devastation and all around excitement were abound.

CrossCrusade is a series with racers obtaining points for each race. Results are updated after each race so if you’d like to follow along:

CrossCrusade results page – Unicycle category isn’t listed in the header of each set but the results should be there. – This page should become more interesting as more races are added.

Race Locations on GoogleMaps

Update: Photos (look for myself and other unicyclists starting at image #208)



  1. Congrats, Jack! Good luck with the next one. Wish we could see this very unique challenge! Take care –


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