Posted by: Jack | October 20, 2008

Oregon Manifest – Hand Made Bike Show

If you think highly of your bicycle, don’t go to the Oregon Manifest. My bike was pretty cool. Now it’s boring and lame.

A few photos…

Cross-specific unicycle frame. Made by Jon Seiber of Cascadia Bicycles and generously donated to the Unicycle Bastards.

Wooden bike frame by Renovo Bicycle. They are as expensive as you might expect.

Carbon fiber saddle – just one extremely pricey component of this fully equipped road bike that weighed 12 lbs. When your two water bottle cages cost over $100 and save 20 grams of weight, you’ve gone too far.

Despite appearances, this monster of a mountain bike by Jeff Jones is incredibly light weight, having all suspension refactored into the frame design. This was just one of the many I wanted to take for a test-spin…and never return.

Wooden wheels by Wheel Fanatyk. I saw it, but I’ll believe it when I ride it.

Among the many highlights of the event was the free valet parking for bikes (and unicycles), nicely complimented by a complete lack of nearby vehicle parking.


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