Posted by: Jack | October 22, 2008

New Juggling Props

I’ve got my fair share of tricks with juggling balls and clubs so I thought I’d try something new: insurance providers.

Just a few months ago I had to switch from Group Health because after living in Oregon for six+ months (having changed my address on file with Group Health right when we moved) I was informed that they don’t provide any coverage here. I picked up Kaiser Permanente for a short time but it turned out they were evil. Their evilness even managed to get worse before I was able to cancel which could only be accomplished by MAILING A LETTER?!

So now I’m on to Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield (seriously, a blue cross and a blue shield?) who offers a lower rate, better customer service and communications systems that aren’t pre-Internet.

But, having received a tip from sister Jennie, I may be moving right along to Life Wise Health Plan of Oregon — but have yet to really look into it. After only a glance, their benefits-premium ratios look relatively great.

Then there is that big blue metal thing sitting out front. Granted, I’ve put a few more miles on in the last couple months (maybe 50/week) with trips to and from marathon(s) and CycloCross races, but on top of the high cost of gas — though I’m sure we’ve all noticed the recent price drop; which of course means that there really isn’t an oil problem and we should all vote republican — Geico has been charging me about $3/day.

Well not anymore. Getting sucked in by Progressive’s “Pay as You Drive” advertisement — which as it turns out is not a mileage based plan and would be more accurately entitled “Pay for How You Drive” — I found that I can and will save nearly $1/day through them. And if it turns out that I am eligible for the Pay as You Drive program, they’ll have me plug a recording device into my car that should eventually lead to a further reduction of my premium.

At the moment, I’m not particularly angry with my insurance situation. Alright!


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