Posted by: Jack | October 29, 2008

CrossCrusade Races #4 & #5: Astoria

4 for 4.

There are a whole lot of photo galleries from these races so to ensure that people pay attention to me as much as is possible, I’m hunting down specific photos for you. Here are the links: – You’ll have to navigate to photo #12 to see me doing a bit of pre-race trials. So far they only have the slidehow for Saturday’s race up. I’ll update when Sunday’s is posted.

Froggie – Sunday’s race start – This was Sunday’s Halloween race so in the following images you can sort of make out the continual deterioration of my costume (I went as a bicyclist) which was made from bamboo and did not fare well off jumps or over hurdles. – 1 2 3 <-This last one was a great jump but upon landing, my costume found its way into my spokes and was shredded. I did manage to rip the tangled mess off without dismounting, casting it aside amidst plenty of cheers from the crowd.

PJ Bentson – Another Good Jump

I added some of my own photos to my CrossCrusade set on Flickr.


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