Posted by: Jack | November 2, 2008

Cross Crusade Race #5 – Barton Park

It may have been yesterday’s ride or simply a greater performance on the part of my competitors — likely a combination of the two — but today’s win did not come easy. Holding third place for the first 1/3rd of the race was a new experience, but did provide my first opportunity to enjoy the thrill of catching another rider. The middle third — a flat and paved section of unusual length — had me trading the lead back and forth with relative newcomer Jim Ryan (52). As it became apparent that a win was not assured, I took note that this worthy competitor was giving me a run for my money on a 26″ wheel; 3″ smaller than my unicycle!

Fortunately the last third of the race became significantly more technical, mostly due to deep, slick mud, and I was able to pull away and add another victory to my record



  1. Congratulations, Jack! Thought you might skip this one after yesterday’s effort and achievement. More power to you! Hope your bod’s OK today!!

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