Posted by: Jack | December 12, 2008

Catching Up

Haven’t added anything here in over a month. Not sure why. Plenty of stuff has been happening.

A friend from WI has moved to Portland and is living with us until she can get settled into a job and place of her own.

I received a number of prizes having taken 1st place in the unicycle division of the Cross Crusade cyclocross series. Among my prizes was a brand new unicycle with a monstrous 4¼” tire. I also achieved the honor/disgrace of being ranked as the nation’s top sandbagger on having placed 1st in every race while not having the option of upgrading to a more difficult division.

Cyclocross Magazine contacted me for an interview which will be included in their next issue.

A pleasant night spent camping outside of REI proved well worth the time as I acquired a number of bike upgrades, a jacket for myself, a rain jacket for our new roommate and awesome cycling shoes for Anna (of which I’m very jealous because they did not have them in my size). All for about $50.

We went to Washington D.C. for Thanksgiving. Lots of good friends, food, museums, etc. I’ll try to put up some pictures eventually.

Some other stuff probably happened but I’m bored of this for now. More to come.


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