Posted by: Jack | February 4, 2009

Reach the Beach!

Three years ago I rode 23 miles on my unicycle to celebrate my 23rd birthday. The next year I traveled 31 miles on that same unicycle hauling a 30 lbs pack through Wisconsin’s hilly moraines, enduring miserably cold wind and rain. Only a few months ago I doubled that distance with a metric century West of Portland. That latest ride nearly did me in.

With all that in mind, I’m taking on the longest leg of the American Lung Association’s (ALA) Reach the Beach ride. In about three months I will be waking very early on a Saturday morning and setting out to achieve this personal best. With a maximum speed of ~15 mph but an average sustainable speed below 10 mph, the 100 mile ride from Portland to the coast will last an anxiety-inducing 11+ hours — which will be just fast enough to finish before the course is closed. But unlike many of the challenges I put upon myself, this one actually provides an answer to the inevitable, “Why?”. This ride raises funds for the ALA which fights lung disease through education, community service, advocacy and research. 

I’m putting up some cash as well as days of assured pain. But I can’t do the ride if I don’t raise a bit more money. If you have a couple minutes and a few bucks to spare, check out my donation page which makes contributing a snap. 

If you choose to donate $10 or more, I’ll tell all my friends how great you are.




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