Media Showcase

From time to time my hobbies catch the public eye and I end up on TV or in some publication. Below is a collection of the resulting videos/photos/articles which are available online.

Article: Tall Biking –
– 100 Miles on a Tall Bike by Jonathan Maus

Video: Tall Biking- – Reach the Beach (2010) on a tall bike

Video: Unicycling – Burk Webb, Yoyodyne Production Systems – Unicycle Polo World Championships (my team won).

Article: Unicycling – The Christian Science Monitor
– United States: One-wheeled wonders by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore

Article: Unicycling –
Fringe Sports: Mountain Unicycling by Peter Frick-Wright

Article: Unicycling – – Reach the Beach 2009
One Wheel, 100 miles — ow! That’s gotta hurt by Jim Moore

Video: Unicycling – – Reach the Beach (2009) on a unicycle

Video: Unicycling – PBS Blueprint America – Road to the Future – Opening sequence of the Portland segment (chapter 3).

Article: Unicycle-cross – CycloCross Magazine – A Uni-que Sandbagger

Photos: Unicycle-cross – 2008 Cross Crusade – Oregon

Video: Unicycle Polo – – Portland, OR – Nice assist starting at 0:16.

Video: Juggling – Oregon Art Beat – Portland, OR – Juggling clubs in the background of the opening scene and at 3:15.

Photo: Published in Ship Harbor Yacht Charters Inc. 2008 Yacht Charters Brochure – Waterfall – Desolation Sound, British Columbia.

Video: Slacklining – Mountain Dew’s Dew Report – Moab, UT – Backflip in the opening action sequence. There is apparently no way to link to a specific video so click Sports under the Video menu and then Dew Report. Then play any video and look for me in the first few seconds.

Photo: Published in Weird Washington – Mima Mounds – Olympia, WA.

Photo: Unicycling & Juggling – The Racquet – La Crosse, WI.

Photo: Slacklining – La Crosse Tribune – La Crosse, WI – I overlayed the original image onto the scan of the newspaper.


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