Where Do Jack’s Thoughts Come From?

Quick answer: Jack’s brain.

But to take it a level deeper, I will give a brief explanation of the situations and circumstances which have led to the current state of Jack’s brain.

Initial development of the organ took place in Madison, Wisconsin where it remained for much of it’s first eighteen years. Sensory stimulation was often sought in the form of physical activity and a casual addiction for the added effects of adrenaline was established through experience with occasional risk-taking in sports or other similar activities.
When Madison’s wealth of novel input appeared depleted (at least as interpreted by Jack’s still-immature brain) it relocated to La Crosse, Wisconsin to attend an institution offering a supplementary breadth of subject matter. While academic knowledge was enhanced, focus seemed to fall upon taking in as much experiential stimulation as was made available. Brain growth appeared to occur more rapidly in the presence of challenge, especially that which required development of precise muscular memories as a compliment to elaborate brain processes.

Despite the brain’s continued growth and general satisfaction, the powerful thinkers that be eventually encouraged the brain to seek out a new situation (graduate).  With too many factors to sufficiently compute, the decision was made to head for Olympia, Washington, following another brain which offered inspiration and motivation on a regular basis. Jack’s meat-based computer had reached a level of sophistication where other brain’s began offering material compensation in exchange for occasional access to the abilities contained within. Despite this being the standard procedure, Jack’s core processing system felt it more important to continue the search for the experiences which provide the greatest level of satisfaction, both in the immediate present and the distant future. This refusal of conformity led his neural net to many parts of the country and occasionally beyond, interpreting the naturally-occurring world in a pleasurable manner and often finding contentment in the products of other brains as well.

Once again, a state of maximum fulfillment was reached in regards to the stimulation provided by it’s surroundings and a transition occurred, leaving Jack’s cerebellum in the Southeast quadrant of Portland, Oregon. In very little time, an agreement of continual exchange was made (got a job) which is now providing greater means for seeking that which is desired but is also limiting the time available to do so. Currently, much processing occurs, confronting the challenge of finding a balance between the two intertwined factors: temporal resources and all other resources.

Jack’s brain has accepted it’s mortality and as a result, does not feel that the standard compromise made by a majority of brains represents an acceptable sacrifice. It approaches each passing unit of time with the knowledge that organic computation does not routinely produce logical or ideal results. And so it seeks the solutions which have not yet been proposed and which can, and will, present a more efficient system for delivering pleasure to the billions of pleasure-seeking organs on this planet.



  1. Hi Jack –

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